Vanuatu Flag
    Vanuatu flag
    Adopted 18 February 1980
    Proportion 19:36
    Colors Black
    Vanuatu Flag
    The flag of Vanuatu is a horizontal bicolor of red and green with the black isosceles triangle based on the hoist side bearing the golden boar's tusk encircling two crossed namele fern fronds in the center and the golden pall, a thin yellow narrow horizontal stripe that splits in the shape of the horizontal Y, centered over the partition lines and was edged in black against the red and the green bands while the two points of the Y faces on each corner and encloses the triangle on the hoist-side.
    Vanuatu Flag Colors - symbolism
    Vanuatu Flag Colors - meaning

    Red represents the blood of boars and men, as well as unity
    the pair of fronds of namele Cycad represent peace and their 39 leaflets represent the 39 members of the Parliament of Vanuatu
    Green stands for the richness of the islands
    Yellow Y-shape represents the pattern of the islands in the Pacific Ocean and symbolizes the light of the Gospel spreading through the islands
    Black stands for the ni-Vanuatu people
    the boar's tusk symbolizes prosperity (locals frequently wear the boar's tusk as a pendant as it is believed to bring prosperity to the person wearing it)
    Vanuatu Flag Colors

    Red RGB: (210,16,52) Hex: #d21034
    Green RGB: (0,149,67) Hex: #009543
    Yellow RGB: (253,206,18) Hex: #fdce12
    Black RGB: (0,0,0) Hex: #000000
    Vanuatu Flag facts
    The flag of Vanuatu should be of the width of 180 units. The width of the triangle, from hoist to point, should be 84 units. The height of the flag will thus be 95 units, with the yellow band being 5 units tall, the gold fimbriations are each 6 units tall and the upper and lower (red and green) parts of the field are, thus, 39 units tall each. The flag of Vanuatuis one of a few flags where a prominent component of the design reflects the shape of the country (other such flags are those of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, and Eritrea)
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    Vanuatu Flag Picture
    Vanuatu Flag Picture
    Vanuatu Flag Picture

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